Our Services

Our trained and caring staff guides you through the selection of the perfect site to commemorate your life or the life of your loved one. We offer a selection of elegantly situated final resting places, from sunny hills and open meadows, to quiet, secluded shade. Our established staff is dedicated to your needs, treating our clients with the respect and care that we would give our own families.

When people come to visit us, they have unique questions and concerns. We will spend time exploring your desires and preferences so that you can take comfort that you have chosen the perfect place to commemorate a very special life. We have a long-rooted history in the community and our staff is committed to the gardens and the area.

Memorialization Markers for Garden Burial Spaces

These burial spaces have memorializing plaques in granite or bronze. Grouped together, the memorialization plaques do not detract from the open, soft hills, which gives visitors the feeling of being in an open garden.

Headstones for Garden Burial Spaces

Celebrate the individual and the family with these stately upright granite markers available in colors including rich gray or elegant black. Upright markers are traditional reminders and testaments to the impact of those who have passed from this world.


Our  Mausoleum is grandly appointed with a rich mixture of glass and marble with open skylights that allow the daylight to flood the open areas. The light gleams off the polished cream and white marble to imbue the area with tranquility. Offering interior and exterior above-ground entombment as well as cremation niches, the Mausoleum is a beautiful gathering and resting place. Several smaller areas off the main room allow more private mourning and prayers. The enclosed area can be easily accessed by vehicle from the road to allow visitors with special needs the ability to visit without difficulty. This area is open to our families year round and during inclement weather.

Private Mausoleums

We offer private family mausoleums for those who desire above-ground burial. The private mausoleums provide distinction and dignity to the final resting place.

Cremation Niches

Whether within our mausoleum or one of our beautiful cremation columbaria, we offer families a place to pay honor and tribute to the life of you or your loved one.

Committal Services

Our elegantly appointed Mausoleum offers a chapel for committal services in place of a graveside committal service if desired.   We offer furnishings and seating to make your committal service comfortable. The clean lines of the polished beige marble walls with the classic white and forest green checkerboard marble floor will appeal to both contemporary and traditional sensibilities.

Memorial Benches

A memorial or cremation bench is the perfect way to remember those who have supported us through our lives or to continue to give support to your loved ones in their mourning.

Floral Program

We offer a floral program which will provide flowers to commemorate the passing of the seasons, as well as special occasions such as birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries. This program is customizable to your preferences.

Burial Site Preparation

When the time comes, we handle the details for you. We will prepare the ground as well as a shelter with chairs at the gravesite or in the shelter of the Mausoleum.

Endowment Care

As part of your investment, we set aside monies for the future care of the Gardens in an endowment fund. From this reserve, we draw interest to fund the maintenance of the property while leaving the principal intact. In this way, we will always be able to maintain our grounds.

Memorial Care

In addition to meticulous grounds keeping, our staff also monitors each gravesite for any damage and makes any necessary repairs.