Cemetery Guidelines

Our cemetery guidelines ensure peace and respect for all.

At Bellerive Gardens Cemetery, we want to honor and respect all of the families that have chosen us as the final resting place for their loved ones. We also want to ensure that our cemetery is a place where any family member or friend can come to cherish the life of a loved one. After all, a cemetery is truly a sacred place.

With that in mind, here are some guidelines for ensuring that everyone who visits has the experience they desire.

Funeral Services

Each and every person who attends a funeral service deserves privacy, respect and the freedom to reflect as they wish. Please remain away from areas where services are in progress to provide those service attendees with the privacy and respect they need and deserve.


Flowers can be a wonderful way to honor a loved one when you come and visit our cemetery. However, please refrain from placing glass or ceramic on any grave space, or in the mausoleum or columbaria, unless they are pre-approved by the Cemetery Staff. The cemetery provides a permanent floral vase to meet your needs so inquire with us to find a solution that honors and beautifies the resting place of your loved one. For more information about the rules and regulations surrounding cemetery flowers, visit our terms of use page.

Cemetery Operations

Guidelines to assist the owner with grave decorations have been designed to achieve high standards of grounds maintenance in the Cemetery. These guidelines are in the best interest of all lot owners. 

- All cut and artificial flowers are permitted but are to be placed in permanent vases. One plastic vase will be permitted but will be removed if broken or becomes          worn. The grounds crew will remove those flowers that are wilted or in poor condition when they are working in different sections of the cemetery. 

- Potted plants will remain on graves until one week after Easter, Memorial Day, Mothers Day, and Fathers Day. 

- Bellerive will conduct two cemetery clean-offs per year. All items will be removed and discarded from the burial gardens and the mausoleum the first week of           February as well as the first week of October. This includes flowers, statues, stones, and any other items. 

- Glass containers, tin cans, ceramic decor, metal garden hooks, lighting of any type, wooden stakes, wires of any kind and cone shaped tin containers will be removed as they are a safety hazard for the grounds crew. 

- No planting will be permitted except as authorized by the Cemetery.

- Flags are permitted only one week before Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Veteran's Day. They will be removed within one week after the holiday. 

- No enclosure of any kind, such as a fence, coping, hedge, gravel, mulch or ditch shall be permitted around any grave space or lawn crypt. No grave space or lawn      crypt shall be raised above the established grade.

- The Cemetery cannot be responsible for loss or damage from beyond reasonable control. 


We love seeing children at Bellerive Gardens Cemetery. However, we ask that children under the age of fifteen years be accompanied by an adult while within the cemetery or its buildings. We also ask parents to please take care of accompanying children and be responsible for their well-being and actions.


We ask that you respect our guidelines that automobiles shall not be driven through the cemetery grounds at a speed greater than ten miles per hour. This is for the safety and well-being of all. Automobiles are also not allowed to park or to come to a full stop in front of an open grave unless they are in attendance at the funeral. DRIVING OR PARKING ON THE GRASS IS PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES. 


Bellerive Gardens Cemetery welcomes visitors with pets. We do ask that if you are walking your pet through our cemetery that you respect the families that we serve by keeping your pet on a leash and picking up after your pet. Service animals are permitted, of course.